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UpCircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty Safety Razor

UpCircle Beauty Safety Razor

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Take a personal stand against the more than 2 billion disposable razors thrown out each year in the US alone with the unisex UpCircle Beauty Safety Razor. This chrome razor will help you save money and the environment while keeping your skin looking silky-smooth and flawless. The 100% plastic-free head and handle is durably-constructed and use recycle-and-replace blades, which means no more regular trips to the store to re-up on cheaply-made plastic disposables that are rough on your skin or for expensive replacement heads that can never get quite close enough. Perfect for men and women alike, this beautiful razor is a blessing for your face & body and effortlessly glides over your skin for a close, sustainable shave that will keep the planet green and the ocean clean.

The Upcircle Beauty Razor is easy to load and use. Simply unscrew the handle from the two-part head, insert a new blade, and securely reattach the handle. Moisten and lather with shaving soap, if preferred. Hold the razor at a shallow angle against the area without applying pressure, and gently allow the weight of the razor head to float effortlessly across your skin in the direction of hair growth.

Packaged in a cardboard box

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