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Plazy Cat Platform

Plazy Cat Platform

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INSTACHEW Presents Plazy Cat Platform with 2 Designs, Eco-Friendly Gaming Tool for Cat and Dog, Perfect Cozy Pet Lounge, Comfortable Space for Your Beloved Furry Friend

Is it a toy? Is it a bed? No, it’s the INSTACHEW Plazy Cat Platform! Our newly designed scratch platform packs a ton of fun for your cat in a small space. Talk about versatility! There is thick string material for your cats to scratch, climb and play with. A see-through oval dome is a great place for your pet to rest or for photo opportunities!


REST AND RECOVER: Our hemispherical transparent cover is the perfect lounging area for pet and pet parents! Watch your adorable pet rest after a play session; added transparency makes for great photo opportunities!

SCRATCH AWAY: Our hand-wrapped sisal columns and bridge provide your cat with many play options! Scratch, jump and play to your liking.

INNOVATIVE LAYOUT: Our unique layout is sure to invoke your cat’s curious side. Watch your furry friend explore and play to their heart's content with our 2 distinct designs.

VERSATILE: Your cat can use this as a toy or a place to rest after play!

DESIGN: Made with home aesthetics in mind, this cat toy platform will complement any part of your home.

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