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Eco Wash Pouch | Laundry Pod Bag

Eco Wash Pouch | Laundry Pod Bag

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4" x 5" Tiny Laundry Pod Bag

A companion for our pods in cold or HE washes, or over-full loads.

Size: Set of 2

Put Dropps Inside: For Cold Water And HE Washing

Use our eco wash laundry pod pouch for maximum dissolubility in cold water cycles, super efficient machines like HE and front loading washing machines, and for anyone who has a tendency to overstuff their machine. The tight mesh and sturdy zip closure make the pod pouch easy to use with up to three pods.

Good to know...

Did you know cold water loads use about 90% less energy? High five. We salute you. PS. These bags also make great soap savers for travel bars and slivers of soap.

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