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Detoxifying Facial Bar - Vegan Face Wash, 2.3oz

Detoxifying Facial Bar - Vegan Face Wash, 2.3oz

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Made with powerful yet gentle natural ingredients suitable for all skin types, the Detoxifying Facial Bar works at revealing your best face.  Charcoal, known for binding itself to toxins, draws dirt and excess sebum to the surface while soothing oatmeal exfoliates it away.  Mango, shea, and coconut moisturize without clogging and leave you with a soft, clean face.  Favored by beauty enthusiasts and sustainalites alike, this detoxifying and hydrating cleansing bar is begging for space in your daily skincare routine. 

Each facial bar is 2.3 oz, vegan, palm oil free, and can last months with daily use.

How to Use: Create a lather by rubbing between your hands or using a facial sponge or washcloth.  Avoiding the eyes, massage into face to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Gentle enough to use morning and night as a facial cleanser.  Follow with your favorite facial moisturizer or face serum. To get the most washes out of your bar, place it on a well-draining soap deck or soap lift between use. 

Ingredients: Sodium Shea Butterate (from Shea) Sodium Mango Butterate (from Mango), Sodium Cocoate (from Coconut), Natural Glycerin (shea, mango and coconut derived), Colloidal Oats (Avena Sativa kernel flour), Citric Acid, Activated Coconut Charcoal

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