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Bamboo Hairbrush - Plastic Free, 100% Bamboo, Compostable

Bamboo Hairbrush - Plastic Free, 100% Bamboo, Compostable

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Zero waste & plastic free hair brush! Our bamboo hair brush is a great alternative to those made with plastic and other synthetic materials. It has a natural and comfortable feel, and functions exactly like conventional hair brushes.

  • Brush pins are pure bamboo
  • Cushion base is natural rubber
  • Bamboo handle has a carnauba wax finish
  • Compostable packaging made from paper only

Care: The Bamboo Hair Brush is resistant to water damage. However, excessive water exposure should be avoided. If the brush becomes wet, we recommend using a towel to wipe it dry. When properly cared for, this hair brush can last for decades.

Dimensions: 11" x 4" x 2"

**The paddle brush is designed with one bristle missing in the bottom, middle half of the brush. This hole is to provide ventilation and to aid in drainage after the brush has been washed. Additionally it helps to prevent any bacterial growth that could occur with pooling water on the inside of the brush.**
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